DA Form 4856 Product / Additional Materials

Additional Materials

DA Form 4856: Instructions for Essential Parts

This guide will provide detailed instructions and examples on completing the DA Form 4856 from the U.S. Army. Remember, our website provides a free fillable version of DA Form 4856 for your convenience.

Part II: Background Information

Understandably, this section requires your personal information. It's essential to ensure clarity and accuracy in this part.

  • Provide your full legal name, rank, and official designation.
  • Fill in the date and time of the counseling session.
  • Provide the name and official designation of the counselor.

Part III: Summary of Counseling

This is the most crucial part of the form. It should be completed carefully and thoroughly. Here's how:

  • Clearly state the purpose of the counseling session. For example, "The purpose of this counseling is to discuss your performance during last week's training session."
  • Provide an overview of the discussion, including the topics covered, responses, potential issues, and mutual agreements.
  • Document any agreed-upon plan of action, along with timelines for completion.

Other Instructions

There are various other elements to this form that require careful attention. Here are some key points:

  • Ensure that action points are realistic, specific, and trackable. This will make it easier to follow up and evaluate progress.
  • Signed endorsements are vitally important. The form needs to be signed by both the counselor and the counselee to be valid.
  • Stay clear and concise. The form should be simple to read and understand and avoid any military jargon or complex phrases.